It’s been said that “life is too short to listen to bad music”. It’s our pleasure to help you save time by discovering quality songs and their creators.

Once again this go-round, we’re focused pretty heavily on solo singer/songwriters. And we think you’ll agree that there’s some pretty special talent represented here:

First up is Colin McGrath, a Brooklyn-based artist who graduated from Ohio’s Oberlin College and who NPR described as an “intinerant folk orchestrator”. Appealing melodies. Tasteful arrangements. We’re pleased to be able to share two tracks from his sophomore album, Yellow Brick Man: Surprise Me and Walls [Filed under M]

The Robbie Boyd Band, based in the UK, offers up a fresh take on Russia’s “next-door neighbor” with the very catchy Oh Alaska, from their album What Are You Waiting For? [Filed under B]

Arkansas-based Rod Clemmons may have been born blind, but he’s had no trouble locating his musical groove…and he’s more than willing to share it with you. We dare you…just TRY to keep your toe from tapping as you indulge in I Love My Music…from his album What’s Up? It’s Me [Filed under C]

Justin Levinson hails from Burlington, Vermont and honed his craft at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. He’s offering up a delightful duet with Liz Longley called I Was So Wrong (check out the cute video on YouTube, by the way!) from the Justin Levinson & The Valcours album This Side of Me, This Side of You. [Filed under L]

NYC-based Lauren Edman‘s voice is the first thing that catches you. Beautiful tone, range and control. But let the words and melodies work their magic on you as well. From her album It’s Always the Quiet One, we think you’ll enjoy This Is It. [Filed under E]

Darryl Gregory is a producer as well as an artist, with his own Sandy Hook, CT-based facility (Blue Cave Studios). We’re pleased to share his tastefully-arranged duet (with Francine Wheeler) called What About Love, from his album Big Texas Sky. [Filed under G]

Nashville-based songstress Alona Raevska may speak four languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French) and be the proud possesor of a Masters degree in Information Analysis, but somehow she’s also found a way to craft a burgeoning career as a pop singer with her album Conversations With My Soul. Check out the pop ballad Part Of Me. [Filed under R]

Chicago-based Vintage Blue is an energetic pop-rock band featuring hooky melodies and slick vocal harmonies. About the song Just Breathe, from their album Strike The Mics, says the band’s Ben Bassett: “Instead of focusing on a specific relationship, or idea about love, this song was truly about letting things fall into place,” he says. “Most of the time in today’s society we all want to force the issue, and this song is about stepping back and taking a breath, and trusting that things will work.” [Filed under V]

Markeisha Ensley hails originally from Colorado…but has relocated to The Big Apple to pursue her musical dream. She’s off to a great start…having won the 2011 Abe Olman Scholarship Award for Excellence in Songwriting from the Songwriters Hall of Fame/Songwriters Guild of America. She’s been described as a cross between Alicia Keys and Anita Baker. From her EP Talk To Me, we’re glad to be able to present her song Maybe. [Filed under E]

And finally, meet Ed Hale. Or re-meet him. He was originally introduced to the world at age 17 as Eddie Darling. In the intervening years, he has crafted a career as both a solo artist and as frontman for Ed Hale and The Transcendence. From his album Ballad On Third Avenue, check out I Walk Alone. [Filed under H]